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Corded Telephones

In phone phreaking, a beige box is a device used to illegally use another person's phone line. It is technically equivalent to a telephone company lineman's handset — a telephone fitted with alligator clips to attach it to a line. more...

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Beige boxes can be usually constructed with easily available materials, such as a simple corded telephone, a soldering iron, and a pair of alligator clips. Usually a switch is added in order to turn the microphone off (mute), so as not to introduce excess noise into the line. Although it is generally not illegal to possess or construct a beige box, it is illegal to use them to make unauthorized use of a phone line, because this violates wiretapping laws and the user is tampering with telephone company equipment. Instructions for constructing a beige box can be found in many places on the internet, as well as instructions on to make other phreaking boxes. Alternative beige boxes can also be built by connecting alligator clips to an RJ-11 jack. This method does not require modification of a telephone -- any kind of telephone can be used. The original Beige Box was created by The Exterminator and The Terminal Man in 1985. The term "Beige Boxing" has become the generic term for illegally connecting to a phone line.

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Panasonic Kx-Tga520M Cordless Phone Expandable Handset $19.00 Panasonic Kx-Tg5212 Cordless Phone w Kx-Tga520m handset $19.00
Panasonic Kx-Tg4000B 4-Line Cordless Business Phones $19.00 Generation Touch Panel Caller Id Speakerphone Telephone $14.99
Att 5.8 2 line Expandable Base Ep5962 $22.00 Retro Phone with fuzzy Leopard trim, novelty, tabletop $69.00
New Off Market screen corded Phone!! $3.99 Retro Phone with fuzzy Ostrich trim, novelty, tabletop $69.00
Mickey Mouse Animated Telephone Nib $45.00 General Electric Pro Series 4 line phone $30.00
Old rotary telephone $5.99 4 conductor 25' 25 ft foot ext Ivory phone cord $1.99
4 conductor 25' 25 ft foot ext / split Ivory phone cord $1.99 4 conductor 50' 50 ft foot ext White phone cord $1.99
At&T Trimline 210 $2.00 Sports Illustrated Shoe Sneaker Novelty Phone Telephone $4.99
Rca 4-Line System Phone Executive Series 25413Re3 $9.99 Touch Panel Data Phone with Fm radio and caller Id $16.00
New Motorola Md491 Digital Phone Exp To 3 Or 4 Handsets $9.98 Web Touch One Internet Corded Screen Phone-New $25.00
1957 black Chevy Replica Phone will bring back memories $8.00 Crosley Country Kitchen Oak Wall Phone Telephone - New $89.00
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Royal Stockholm Telephone (antique replica desk phone) $59.99 At&T Trimline 210 Phone With 13 Number Memory - White $6.99
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