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Phillips Magnavox

Magnavox (Latin for "loud voice") was an electronics company founded by Edwin Pridham and Peter Jensen. The brothers invented the first loudspeaker in 1915 and named their brainchild "Magnavox." The company was formed in 1917 under the same name in order to market the invention. more...

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With the introduction of the Odyssey in 1972, Magnavox began the home video game console market. Philips acquired Magnavox's consumer electronics division in 1974. In the late 1990s, some Philips electronics were marketed under the brand name "Philips Magnavox" in attempt to increase brand awareness of the Philips name in the Unites States. While it did work, to a degree, it also caused confusion to the consumer as to the difference between "Philips Magnavox" products and "Philips" products. Philips now once again markets the brands separately.

The defense group remained independent under the Magnavox Electronic Systems name until it was acquired by GM Hughes Electronics in 1995. When GM Hughes Electronics sold its defense operations to Raytheon, the former Magnavox defense operations were transferred as well.

The Magnavox name is still used by Philips to market value-priced consumer electronics.

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