Antenna tower of Crystal Palace transmitter, London
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A transmitter (sometimes abbreviated XMTR) is an electronic device which with the aid of an antenna propagates an electromagnetic signal such as radio, television, or other telecommunications. more...

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A transmitter usually has a power supply, an oscillator, a modulator, and amplifiers for audio (AF), intermediate frequency (IF) and radio frequency (RF). The modulator is the device which piggybacks (or modulates) the signal information onto the carrier frequency, which is then broadcast. Sometimes a device (for example, a cell phone) contains both a transmitter and a radio receiver, with the combined unit referred to as a transceiver.

More generally and in communications and information processing, a "transmitter" is any object (source) which sends information to an observer (receiver). When used in this more general sense, vocal cords may also be considered an example of a "transmitter".

In industrial process control a "transmitter" is any device which converts measurements from a sensor into a signal to be received, usually sent via wires, by some display or control device located a distance away. Typically in process control applications the "transmitter" will output a 4-20 mA current loop or digital protocol to represent a measured variable within a range. For example, a pressure transmitter might use 4 ma as a representation for 50 psig of pressure and 20 ma as 1000 psig of pressure and any value in between proportionately ranged between 50 and 1000 psig. Older technology transmitters used pneumatic pressure typically ranged between 3 to 15 psig (20 to 100 kPa) to represent a process variable.


In the early days of radio engineering, radio frequency energy was generated using arcs or mechanical alternators (of which a rare example survives at the SAQ transmitter in Grimeton, Sweden). In the 1920s electronic transmitters, based on vacuum tubes, began to be used.

Electromagnetic concepts

In principle any conductor (wire) carrying an alternating current will radiate a radio signal. Thus a basic transmitter is just an oscillator connected directly to a wire antenna.

Since transmitters require excellent frequency stability, there are usually several amplifier stages between oscillator and antenna. The intermediate amplifier stages prevent changes in the antenna circuit from affecting the frequency of the oscillator. Often the transmitter frequency is not the frequency produced by the oscillator, but one of its harmonics. This is generated from the oscillator's output by a non-linear device (e.g. a diode or an overdriven amplifier), then filtered with combinations of inductors and capacitors, and then amplified.

Special standard frequency transmitters use frequency synthesis referenced to a very stable atomic clock. Since this procedure, which gives the most precise carrier frequencies, is very complex, it is not used in most transmitters. Typically a quartz crystal is used as a frequency reference, which provides adequate stability for nearly all purposes. Historically mechanically tuned variable-frequency oscillators were used, and are still found in classic amateur radio and antique equipment.


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